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Apr 10th, 2015

CopyPaste – Issue #12

CopyPaste – Issue #12

Well the Apple Watch news embargo has been lifted and the reviews are in:
MensJournal takes a great in-depth look at the health and exercise features.
TheVerge creates a nice micro-site and video review.
NYTimes falls in love after a tough 3 day learning curve.

However, on the other end of the Apple spectrum, Dmitry Kovalenko writes about the big reason why iOS 8 sucks.

I was able to see the complete extravagance of the Dubai culture first hand, so I’m not too surprised by all the abandoned cars there.

Responsive Design has definitely leveled up and this beautiful report proves it.

Designers like Jenny Pokryvailo and her sushi towel just hit all the right notes.

Did I ever tell you that learning about Richard Feyman changed my life? Well it did. “Richard Feynman: fire is stored sunshine.”

“So what? Let’s do the ridiculous. By doing the ridiculous, something else may come of it.” The reinvention of Normal.  

I could watch Honda’s new “Droste effect” ad for the CRV over and over and over

Something is just special about Artem Nosenko’s Behance ProSite Redesign.

Unreal. Artist CJ Hendry Draws 50 Photorealistic Foods in 50 Days.

Book covers, along with record covers, are some of my favorite forms of design; especially when they are created using the random article button on Wikipedia.

Let’s bookend this issue with Marcus Weller, CEO of Skully Helmets: Top 10 design principles of wearable technology.

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