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Mar 20th, 2015

CopyPaste – Issue #11

CopyPaste – Issue #11

Let’s kick off this week with an interesting case for responsive branding.  

This looks interesting: Gyroscope a way to create personal websites powered by your life.

Oops! Tinder tricks many at SXSW.

We were talking about the “card” design pattern this week in the office and I resurfaced this great article by Khoi Vihn.

Texture gives us beautiful SVG patterns for Data Visualization

Hello? Windows allows you to sign in with your face.

A great design concept of Tesla’s 17-inch touchscreen.

We’ve been seeing a lot of exciting prototypes and tools for the apple watch like these wireframes.

NYTimes proves that data can be so powerful when it’s visualized so well, with their great breakdown on the Yield Curve.

Wired questions where Apple’s ResearchKit will take us.

Leap launches a new approach to mass transit with their new buses.

Facebook unfriends cash.

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