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Oct 28th, 2015

A dog chasing cars

A dog chasing cars

To-do lists have been on my mind a lot recently.

For a long time I’ve struggled to find a good way keep track of them and manage them consistently. I’ve read countless best-of articles and pondered the scope and value of to-do lists.

Recently, I got engaged, and in doing so another need for a way to keep track of to-dos was born. Another methodology was explored. Another level of list anxiety was added on.

To help combat and gain control over this list anxiety (list-iety perhaps?) I thought it would be helpful to make a mess and list out…wait for it….my lists and the various methods I use to manage each of them. What am I hoping to achieve in doing so? Maybe identify some overlap, gain clarity and hopefully in the end slim down the amount of to-do lists.

So let’s begin.

To-do lists and the methods I manage them with:

  • Today’s to-dos (Pick up dry cleaning, call Gordo, etc) – Mainly Any.do. I also try to capture any todos I forgotten about in my journal at the end of the day.
  • Upcoming to-dos – Any.do
  • Long term to-dos – Any.do and journal
  • Big Goals – Written in journal
  • Short term work to-dos – Journal, sticky notes, Trello, Google doc meeting notes, emails to myself
  • Long term work to-dos – Trello
  • Wedding to-dos – Trello, Google doc

As I look back on that list I begin to see that it’s mainly around work items that consistency becomes a problem. However, I also am beginning to realize that maybe this is actually more of a problem of workflow. Cue photo of business person drawing diagrams with a marker on glass.

So maybe drawing out my to-do workflow is the next step.


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