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Feb 20th, 2015

CopyPaste Issue #09

CopyPaste Issue #09

It’s hard not to kick off this issue with The New Yorker’s article on Jonathan Ive.

These wire animal sculptures are pretty stunning.

This is just in. IFFT just fixed the internet with their Do button.

A great list for inspiration. Designers.watch: The Must-See Documentaries for Designers & Artists.

I love illustrations that mix architecture and small micro-communities like these Animated Architectural Letters.

Modern Family’s upcoming episode “Connection Lost” will take place all within the screen of a Macbook Pro, showing that primetime tv can still be experiential.

Helpful learnings on how to streamline creative dialogue.

3.5 hours long? Yes. But, I also thought SNL 40 was incredible.

“Diversity is critical to ensure technological innovations that solve real problems.” Which Women in Tech?

We discuss the specialist generalist balance a lot in our office.

I was lucky enough to be part of the first version of cymbolism, so I’m ecstatic it came back to life.

Cutting-edge biology experiments conducted in space. This is science amplified.

Viewmaster gains new life and goes virtual with Google’s Cardboard.

By 2030, around 19% of people in the US will be over 65. Make sure to start considering designing digital technology for the elderly.

We end with Escher’s “Relativity” recreated with Legos of course.

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